If Your Products or Services Sell For Over 5k at A Time And You'd Like To Sell More Of Them To More People Who Have A Great Desire & Want For Them... Then Please Read On...

From: Raja Hireker
Sales Based Strategist & Writer

Dear Seller of High Value Products & Services,  

What kind of difference would it make to you if you could sell an additional 1, 5, 10, 20 units or more of your high value products or services...each and every month, and that too, without any kind of overhaul in your manufacturing, product creation or service delivery?

A big, profitable, happy difference?

May seem too good to be true.

Well, if you desperately crave superior selling results, it generally comes down to refining a few things; and it's not necessarily superior writing ability or a wild creative imagination.

Here's what it does take;

=> Deep thorough research in what makes your products or services what they are and the superior benefits they bring - and to then communicate that in interesting, captivating and compelling ways...

=> Enunciating how specifically your product or service solves and matches your prospect's desires, emotions and feelings in owing it...

=> How irresistible of an offer you make in order for your ideal buyer to deeply connect with why the purchase represents a smart investment, and, that they understand the pain and disadvantage of not owning what you have...

=> The specific media format used in order for your ideal buyer to see your sales communication...

=> Exactly WHO will be reading your sales promotion. (There's an enormous waste of time, money and energy in having the WRONG eyes reading your sales promotion)...

Now if you tie up all the above systematically into a cohesive and compelling sales message, you'll sell more. Without question.

However, if you'd like help and assistance in creating such promotions, then here's the process to follow;

1. Please get in touch with me by sending an email to raja.hireker@gmail.com with the following words; "5K PLUS" in the subject line, along with a few lines about you and your business.

2. Once I've received your email, I'll send you a simple and straight-forward questionnaire via return email. This will help me better understand you, your business and your products and services, a little more.

3. If everything goes well from there, I'll set up a time for us to speak on the phone in order to see what the possibilities are to take things forward, if that's what we choose to do.

I look forward to hearing from you.

          Raja Hireker

“Raja knows more about the techniques of persuasion than nine out of ten copywriters. He has a winning style, great determination, huge enthusiasm and unusual ingenuity" Drayton Bird - Author Commonsense Direct Marketing & Sales letters That Sell and Former International VP & Creative Director O&M Direct

“That letter you did... we are seeing conversions at 7.8%..... It is like a train...I've never experienced anything like this in all my life. That letter...I'm just dumbfounded.
Isaac Jon - Ganston Reed Publishing

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