Business Breakthrough Strategy Session? 
No. Neither Would I... it sounds as boring as dry toast!

From: Raja Hireker

Let me ask you a question --

If you could have just 1 piece of help in one particular area, what area would it be in?

  • Sales and Marketing
  • Project Management
  • Idea Generation
  • Getting things done/Implementation
  • Leadership/responsibility
  • Masterminding / Brainstorming
  • Cashflow generation
  • Busting limiting beliefs
  • Motivation and Inspiration
  • Copywriting
  • Systematising & Optimising business processes
  • Getting more Clients

Pick one that screams out to you. One that's giving you the most trouble. One that you want the most help with.  

And then what?

What do you do next, once you've picked that area?

You apply. 

You apply for a Business Breakthrough Strategy Session in the specific area you want help in.

Hold on.

Business Breakthrough Strategy session?

That sounds pretty tame. Sounds very similar to what many 'business coaches and consultants' put out there.

So, let's call our session - 

"The High Intensity
Problem Solving
Bottleneck Breakthrough Session"


Isn't that more high flame and results oriented than the previous limp attempt?  

And don't be at all surprised whilst inside your session if you find a coming together of  a number of the other areas you didn't choose as being the area of help you wanted. 

How so?

It's because they're all somewhat dependent on each other.

They all link together in a particular way for your business.

It'll be like a power packed capsule of information and insight all wrapped and condensed together and fired straight into your delighted business brain.   

And that's why you'll find the High Intensity Problem Solving Bottleneck Breakthrough Session be unlike anything you've ever experienced before.  

It's many things.

Potent. Truthful. Challenging. Alarming. Full Mosad Intense

Still here?


So how do you register for this High Intensity Problem Solving Bottleneck Breakthrough Session?  

It's easy.

Simply answer the following questions below. And, when you're finished, you simply click the button that'll have your form sent whizzing over to me.

Fill out my online form.


Most people in our lives - friends and family, those we hire for outside help, those whom we confide in, nearly all the above... simply do not tell us the truth about what's really going on. (Or, they tell it in a blame based, accusatory way that we immediately switch off, even if they're 100% right on the money with their views) 

Generally, they try to protect us or sugar coat things. And as such, we become sedated, numb, fearful based on their accounts and assessments, frozen (or often irate) because of their poisonous arrows.

You won't get that here. 

In fact, maybe for the very first time in a long while, you'll get the honest truth.

And because most problems are nothing but mental games we play with ourselves that show up and become manifested in the problems that arise...

I'll show you where they are for you through my unusual hybrid mix of Coaching, Consulting and Fearless conversations.  

If you're ready for high velocity, real live wire coaching and consulting, then I invite you to apply.

However, if you're only somewhat interested in solving your problems, that isn't going to cut it. You may as well carry on searching and scanning the internet for solutions. 

Because, unless you're 100% committed to solving what needs to be solved, only then do we have a great shot at getting it sorted. And that takes a certain level of commitment from you. 

Are you still in?

If yes, then, complete the questions above and APPLY. 

And when you do apply, we'll have that High Intensity Problem Solving Bottleneck Breakthrough Session and one of two things will happen. 

1. You'll love what gets sorted and you'll go ahead and work on your problems on your own based on the plan we create together.

2. You love what gets sorted and you want further help to solve the problems at a deeper level together based on the plan we create.

First things first however.


And once you're done, hit the REPLY button. 

And you haven't got all the time in the world to act on things, as many people seem to think.

Business calamities and casualties are all too frequent. Relationships only need one last push, and they're over. High value opportunities disappear in the blink of an eye.  

That's why, wasting even one day or one week can set you back in all manner of ways.

Apply for your High Intensity Problem Solving Bottleneck Breakthrough Session today.


P.S What if there was a way to have the very problems that keep showing up for you again and again and again, reduced to nothing more than a grain of sand and where you can now set your business game to a fantastically higher standard and level? Well, there IS a way and we'll explore it together inside the High Intensity Problem Solving Bottleneck Breakthrough Session. Scroll up to complete the simple form, and then send it.